Have you noticed how prevalent this word has become in the last few weeks in advertising?   From drive thru restaurants to having a swimming pool installed to buying a car…all available without interacting with another human.

Oh, I understand the reason it started.  Continue reading

Update 03.14.16

It news_headline_300was a rough close of the work day.  A co-worker was visiting with another co-worker when I walked into the office.  He was telling him about rules of CPR and that you can’t stop until a medic shows up.  He said “if we were pumping on Steve’s chest, we couldn’t stop!!”

It ripped a hole in my heart.

I had to phone the one co-worker, on the way home, to ask him to tell the other one not to bring that up again, because that’s what I had to do to Terrie. It was too painful to hear.  It was a bad flash back! Continue reading