Update 2.1.16

news_headline_300I think I’m going to legally change my name from Bruce Stephen Elkins to “Baby Steps” Elkins.  I’m trying hard to be patient and in that, to wait upon the Lord and do what He wants me to, when He wants me to do it.  Like babies learning to walk, sometimes they take a step and fall.

This last week, I asked the Lord about something and did not get an answer.  I waited and still no answer.  I took it to mean, step out Continue reading

Update 1.2.16

I hnews_headline_300ave been somewhat hesitate to write, because I don’t want to only write about my grief.  There are times for that, but I don’t want a steady diet of it and I don’t think that you, the reader, likes it a whole lot either.  I want to be funny, quite clever and entertaining,  but to be honest, I’m not there right now.  Continue reading

The Early Years Part 3

Terrie Eureka_300As I began my career as a draftsman, I was learning my trade and I was learning more  about people.  The new office environment was certainly different from working in a noisy, doors-opened shop.  Hammers banging, grinders shooting sparks across the work area, radios playing, guys talking loudly.

The office was more sophisticated, more refined.  People would politely smile as you Continue reading