A New Discovery?

steve_200I have been thinking of a statement I made in yesterday’s post Update 09.23.16.   I wrote, “…my new life, my still undefined new identity.”  I keep asking myself, “Are you really undefined?”  And I answered with “NO! I’m not undefined.”

I have written about who I thought I am (Can A Man Know Himself?) and I think that was fairly accurate, but since Terrie died, the phrase “new identity” has been used in several  discussions of grief recovery.  Many identified me in association with Terrie.  WE were identified as”Steve and Terrie” or “Terrie and Steve”.

With half of that Continue reading

Have I Lost My Identity?

WhoAmI_300I have been making plans on remodeling my master bedroom and ensuite bathroom.  The shower had been leaking which caused the bathroom flooring to be disgusting.   I was going to do it a year sooner, but it would have caused a great inconvenience for Terrie.  So now there is no excuse and no need to wait.

As I was reviewing the carpet in the bedroom, I decided to replace it with the same material I was going to use in the bathroom, porcelain tile that looks like wood flooring. I talked with the tile guy Continue reading