In The Same Boat

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a car wreck.  A man made a left turn in front of me and we collided.  Fortunately, neither of us was injured.  My car, however, will be in the repair shop for a total of four weeks.

I was thinking about the idiom “being in the same boat”.  The meaning of the idiom is when we share unfortunate circumstances as others.  Through no fault of my own, both the other driver and I have damaged vehicles and inconvenience.  We shared the same boat. Continue reading

I’d Like To Get To Know You

Back in 1968, Spanky and Our Gang sang a Stuart Scharf song called, “I’d Like To Get To Know You”.  Here is the first verse,”Yes, I would like to get to know you, if I could
Like to get to know you, Finally I found, searching all around, Just was not the answer, One I thought was true, Looked a bit like you, Figured I might chance her, Hardly need to say, She went on her way, Said it was all over, Well it’s been some time, And I guess that I’m just meant to be a rover…”  It was a song about uncommitted relationships.  But I thought of the song after Continue reading

Real Biblical Marriage

I wedding-rings-300read an article by Valerie Tarico called “Captive virgins, polygamy and sex slaves.  What marriage would look like if we actually followed the Bible“.  In her article, Ms. Tarico stated she used to be a Bible believer, but apparently is not one now.  Most of her writings appear to be anti-Christian.  In this article, she took an overview look of stories and events in the Bible, without applying what the Scripture says about Christian marriage.

If the reader is unfamiliar with me, I have been married for forty-one years.  I have been a Christian for thirty-seven years.  I have spent my life watching my parents struggle in their marriage, and have sought others who seemed to have a solid marriage.  For over fifty years, I have watched my father’s brother and his wife, Uncle Loy and Aunt Lois, live a God-centered life and have a model marriage.  They have been married for nearly 70 years.  Their marriage is decisively different from Ms. Tarico’s observations. Continue reading

The Early Years Part 2

Wsteve terrie birthdayhen Terrie and I got married, I worked at a company that manufactured high pressure washers and commercial hot water heaters.  I started as a helper, and moved to building the natural gas and LP gas burners for each unit.  I would test the burners for leaks, install them in the units, test the tanks for water links, and install the controls.  I would occasionally make service calls as well. I was making $3.50 an hour, which wasn’t Rockefeller-type money, but not the minimum wage either.  To earn more money, I knew I would need to further my education.

Three nights a week after work, I would drive Continue reading

The Early Years Part 1

Terrie HoneymoonStarting a new life together is both wonderful and frightening.

We were two individuals with different backgrounds, educations, personalities, and desires coming together to form a new household with new routines, new priorities and new adjustments.  It takes time for those things to develop and become a happy home.  A happy home is what we both wanted, but we didn’t know exactly how to get there.

We loved one another, but we were unsure as to how our roles of being a husband and a wife would emerge.  We did not argue a lot, but there seemed to be unspoken undercurrent of who was going to be the head of the household.  I think I saw it as the husband was to lead and take responsibility.  I think Terrie probably agreed with that, but had some uncertainty that I had the ability to do that.  Her father was definitely in charge of their household and had proven record of being able to take care of Terrie and her family. Continue reading