A Sweet Memory

I was on my way to work Friday morning and I was praying for a lady in our church who had just had a brain tumor removed on Wednesday.  She had posted on Facebook about being in ICU and not being able to get any sleep or rest.  Having spent my share of time in hospitals, I said “Amen” to her statement.

I was thinking about how kind and gracious the Lord was to her, that she was able to even do a simple task like posting on Facebook.  In the simple things, He gives us hope.

I was reminded of one time that I was in the hospital.  After a major surgery that required the doctors to place a tracheotomy in me, due to my throat swelling.  I could not talk.  I was given a white board and a marker to write my thoughts.  It helped, but it left me frustrated, because I could not write as fast as I wanted too.

One day, about a week after the surgery, my team of doctors came into my room to do a follow-up.  It happened to be a time when Terrie wasn’t there yet.  The doctors began to question me and I was trying to write and I was unable to keep up, when a doctor from Belarus, with agitation said,”Why don’t you just put your finger over the tube opening and speak!”  I did that and said, “Because no one told me that was an option!”

And so when they left, I reached for the telephone beside my bed and called home.  Terrie said, “Hello?” and I said, “Hello, Baby.”  We both immediately began to cry.  How sweet it was to experience a little headway as we were going through this great trial.  How sweet it was to be able to speak.  How sweet was God’s grace to allow the simple things to become great things.

It was from that time, that I knew I would not go home with the tracheotomy.  I told them that I would not go home with it.  They didn’t believe me, saying I had to accomplish X, Y, and Z before that would happen.  Again, by God’s grace, X,Y, and Z did happened and the trach was removed before I went home.

Our God is able.  He is can create a sweet memory for you as he created a sweet memory for me!

2 Corinthians 9:8 “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.”

A New Marriage, A New Beginning

PreciousAlmost a year ago, I was writing about the early years of Terrie’s and my marriage (The Early Years Part 3).   I had described the advances made in my career and how Terrie’s art business began to grow.  I wrote about not having children and how people perceived us as “odd” or “not normal”.  I could agree with the “not normal” because most married people have children, but there is a percentage of married people that God chose not to bless with children.  That is His business and unless He does it, it doesn’t happen.

While we had troubles getting along, we continued with our unstable marriage, not knowing how Continue reading

The Lunch Pail

lunchpail_300I have fond memories of when I was a boy living in Lamont, California.  I remember the house being dark, early in the morning, except for the kitchen light.  Mom would be up preparing breakfast for my Dad.  She had the coffee started in the aluminum percolator coffee pot.  The brown juice popping into the glass dome, slowly at first and then with greater intensity.  The smell of the strong coffee would begin to wander down the hall toward the bedrooms to let us know Mom was at work.

The single light in the kitchen Continue reading

A Special Time With Dad

Hdad300ave you ever starting thinking about something and that thought rolled into another thought?  That happened to me, last night before church started.  I was thinking about someone’s father and that caused me to think about my father and a special time that we shared years and years ago.

I was somewhere between ten and twelve years old.  My dad would have been in his early to mid- forties.  We were in Lindsay, Oklahoma and would have been visiting my grandfather, who had a farm, just east of Erin Springs.  The time of the year would have been in the late fall or in the winter, because it was cold. Continue reading

Just Remembering…

It was in August of 2013 that I was having a followup CT scan to check my jaw for any returning oral cancer.  I had major surgery in November of 2010 to remove a tumor that was located between my tongue and my jawbone.  It ended up being a twenty hour surgery, but I will tell you about it later.

The CT scan was targeted to go from the top Continue reading