Lessons From Beyond The Door

In my church, we have been studying about what a Christian home should be in our Sunday school classes and how that core unit effects not only our home, but our children’s future relationships and their homes as well as the effects on our churches and society.


I have meditated on these lessons as one without children, but one who loves children and understands the need of a solid foundation for our precious children.

I believe these principals  are very important for all of us now.  Continue reading

Crying Out

“In my distress I called upon the LORD; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears.”  Psalm 18:6 ESV

I had gone through a few hard days physically.   I had a weekend of aching (glowing) arthritic knees and sinus pressure that was effecting my vision.

So, the following Monday, I went to my doctor to get help.  He told me to take Musinex and Flonase for the sinus pressure and gave me a shot to help my knees.  It was suggested that I take my annual flu shot, so I got a flu shot.

The next morning, I had a CT scan to make sure I was Continue reading

A Helping Hand

I was teaching my Sunday school lesson yesterday, speaking on God’s miraculous grace.  It is not uncommon for me to remember an event that relates to a given subject while I am teaching.  This is the memory that came to me while I was teaching.

When I was going through chemotherapy, I was in a weakened state.  It was in January, I believe, and the left front tire of Terrie’s car was low and needed air.  If it had gone flat, I would not have been able to exchange the tire on the side of the highway.  She would have been unable to change it.  So, picking the lesser of two hard positions, we went to the corner gas station to add air. Continue reading

The Sound Of A Bridge


It’s funny the things your brain remembers.

I was remembering when I was a young boy, we lived in Lamont, CA.  Each summer, we would drive back to Lindsay, OK to vacation with my grandfather on his farm.  This would have been in about 1957 or so.

We would leave Friday evening after Dad got off work.  One of the reasons for leaving at that time was our car did not have Continue reading

My Prayer For America

RLincoln_Memorialomans 13:1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

 My prayer:

Thank you Father for the change in our government leadership. There was so many things that were against your principles being done. Our hope is not in Republicans or Democrats, but our hope is in you. I pray that civility will return to all Americans. I pray that laws would be passed that are based upon what is best for the country and not a political party. I pray for statesmen, like our founding fathers. I pray for families to be made stronger, which would result in our communities being stronger. I pray for us to treat others as we would want to be treated, regardless of gender or race. I pray we would once again live within our laws and not ignore certain ones we don’t like. I pray we would be gracious to others as you have been gracious to us. I pray we would recognize the sanctity of life. I pray for dignity for workers and respect for their willingness to help their fellow man in charity. I pray that common sense would be returned to our people. That our thought process will be based upon your Word. I pray in short, that we would be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. In Jesus name, amen.