The Back Porch

My brother and his wife moved into a new house in the fall of 2015.  It is a beautiful home with wooded property on the other side of the fence.  Very quiet and peaceful.

On Monday, November 23rd of that year, my wife died in her sleep.  Her funeral was on Wednesday, November 25th.  Thanksgiving was on the next day, Thursday, November 26th.

I was asked to come to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving.  Everyone knew I would be hurting, but also knew I didn’t need to be alone.  I knew it as well, so I went for the day.

The house was full of family and little children.  I was used to my home being much quieter with just Terrie and me.  So it didn’t take a long time Continue reading

A New Marriage, A New Beginning

PreciousAlmost a year ago, I was writing about the early years of Terrie’s and my marriage (The Early Years Part 3).   I had described the advances made in my career and how Terrie’s art business began to grow.  I wrote about not having children and how people perceived us as “odd” or “not normal”.  I could agree with the “not normal” because most married people have children, but there is a percentage of married people that God chose not to bless with children.  That is His business and unless He does it, it doesn’t happen.

While we had troubles getting along, we continued with our unstable marriage, not knowing how Continue reading

A Special Time With Dad

Hdad300ave you ever starting thinking about something and that thought rolled into another thought?  That happened to me, last night before church started.  I was thinking about someone’s father and that caused me to think about my father and a special time that we shared years and years ago.

I was somewhere between ten and twelve years old.  My dad would have been in his early to mid- forties.  We were in Lindsay, Oklahoma and would have been visiting my grandfather, who had a farm, just east of Erin Springs.  The time of the year would have been in the late fall or in the winter, because it was cold. Continue reading