A Tribute To Audie

My mother’s maiden name was Barron.  Mom’s father was named Granville and her mother was named Jessie Mae.  Together they had eight children – six girls and two boys.  Mom was second in the birth order and Aunt Audine (Audie) was number four.  I think that Ruby and Audie were pretty much alike and they enjoyed one another.

My grandfather was a farmer, who died when he was forty eight years old from a heart attack.  There was a story that went around for a long time that he died after someone put broken glass in his whiskey bottle and he died as a result of that vengeful act.  I asked my Aunt Billy Ruth about it, at a family reunion and she said, “no, it was just a heart attack.” My grandmother was a homemaker who lived until she was 86.

Jessie Mae was a piece of work.  Continue reading