Trust And Obey

broken-chairHave you ever sat in a chair and had it collapse?  I have and it’s not fun ending up setting on the floor!  My experience was with a fold out seat on a two wheel push-pull golf cart.  I was nineteen and weighed 170 pounds and I wanted to buy the cart for my future father-in-law.  So while in the store, I sat the cart on the floor, folded out the seat and sat down, only to have it drop like an out of control elevator.

Do you know what I learned from that life lesson?  To take a look and make a determination if the other chairs I want to sit in will hold me.  We have to make hundreds of determinations every day about things we place our trust in every day.   Will the truck that is passing me stay in his lane? Continue reading

Wings of the Morning

july_morning_sunbeams_by_jchandersI like to return to my favorite Psalm (139) when I am in need of comfort and guidance.  Such was the case, after my dear wife died in her sleep a year ago.  The morning of her funeral, I opened my old tattered bible to this Psalm to give me bravery, hope, and peace.  I have had this old friend for most of my Christian life; this friend with its stained, underlined verses could do that.  This old friend could comfort me in the loss of my oldest friend.

I began to read these verses, which seem to me to be very intimate  Continue reading

Walking Toward The Light

Swalking_300ince the sudden home-going of Terrie on the morning of November 23rd, the most common greeting to me is “How are you doing?”  It is not offensive to me, but it is a signal of the person asking that they have a level of concern for me and I appreciate that and marvel that anyone would care about my condition.  The extent of the asking has really surprised me and humbles me. Continue reading

The Power Of Faith

havingfaith_300Jesus and his disciples were traveling to Galilee.  They grew tired and stopped at Jacob’s well in the Samaritan town of Sychar to rest.  His disciples left him to go into town to find food.  While he was alone, a Samaritan woman came to the well to get water.  He gave her “living water” so that she would not thirst again.  She left her jar and went back to town to tell everyone about Jesus.  As a result of her testimony the scriptures says that many from that town believed in Jesus.

So with that background, we pick up Continue reading

When It Gets Hot

Lfireast Sunday, our Sunday school lesson was from Daniel chapter 1 entitled “Reset Emotionally”.  Pastor Greg Keenen writes our Sunday school material and always challenges us to live according to the Word of God.  The main points of the lesson were 1) Refuse to become a victim (v 2), 2) Refuse to lose your identity (v7-8a), 3) Refuse to be defiled (v8b), 4) Refuse to follow the cowards (v8c), 5) Refuse to believe that you cannot succeed (v 17-21).  Concluding with this thought, everyone has trials that they do not understand and situations that they do not want to be in, therefore we need to adjust (reset) how we think on things and trust in God.

I don’t wish to re-teach the lesson, but I have been thinking of the events and characters of this story. Continue reading