When God Changes Your Way

Have you every been in a strange location and come upon a detour sign?  You are unsure of where the detour will lead you, but trust that it will eventually get you back onto the road you want to be on.

There are detours in our lives that changes our coarse, our plans, and our desires.   When Terrie died, my life began a new and unexpected detour.  For you, it might have been a divorce or a loss of a job or health difficulties, but while disappointing and even Continue reading

Paralyzed By Sin?

I was reading in Luke 5:17-26 about when Jesus was in a home teaching.  The religious crowd , the Pharisees and others from around the region, were there, probably to criticize , most certainly not to encourage Him.

Apparently the home was filled with people, because something happened that changed some lives that day. Continue reading

Having Faith

Having Faith_300 To the faithful reader, I think you would agree that I have faithfully and truthfully written of the emotions that I have experienced on my “highway of grief”.  I have told you when I was hurting, angry, discouraged, and when I was given rest.  All of these things, I chose to give thanks to the Lord, as it was and is part of my healing.

In my last post (Time Out In The Intertropical Convergence Zone), I was in the doldrums and without wind or hope.  Since that writing, I have been trying to discern Continue reading

Update 2.1.16

news_headline_300I think I’m going to legally change my name from Bruce Stephen Elkins to “Baby Steps” Elkins.  I’m trying hard to be patient and in that, to wait upon the Lord and do what He wants me to, when He wants me to do it.  Like babies learning to walk, sometimes they take a step and fall.

This last week, I asked the Lord about something and did not get an answer.  I waited and still no answer.  I took it to mean, step out Continue reading